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The musical talents of the Irish people combined with their love of socialising has given us many Irish Drinking Songs. These Irish Songs have been sung in pubs and bars around the world.

This website allows you to sing along to the famous Irish songs, with lyrics to Irish Drinking Songs and beautiful images of Ireland.


The culture and traditions of Ireland are captured in many an Irish Song or a fantastic Irish Traditional Song. These Irish Songs are presented for your pleasure to get a taste of the traditions and cultures of this beautiful Island.


Whether an Irish Drinking Song is a reminder of a beautiful memory of a visit to Ireland or in anticipation for a trip to Ireland, each Irish Song will inspire you to sing and dance along.


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Beer Beer Beer Home Boys Home Molly Malone Riverdance Finale

Seven Drunken Nights The Irish Rover Whiskey In the Jar

FairyTale of New York The Town I loved So Well

Fields of Athenry Sweet Sixteen My Irish Molly

The Rare Ould Times Limerick You’re A Lady

The Galway Races Danny Boy

Saint Patrick’s Day Song Bold Fenian Men (Rebel Song)